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DGHE aims to share relevant news with its students and staff through its monthly newsletter. You can also read our current and past editions by following the links below.


September 2021

Hi learners,

We hope you had a nice summer break! The weather might not have given us the sunniest days, but we know a lot of you had some time to relax, travel and visit your family. With fully recharged batteries, we are ready to go back to campus and begin another exciting academic year!








August 2021

Hi learners,

A big CONGRATULATIONS for those who are completing their studies! We understand it's been a long haul for many of you to cope with your studies during the pandemic. We are so pleased to see how hard you have worked and how much you have committed to your course. We are very proud of you and looking forward to seeing you graduating or progressing to the next step of your academic journey.






July 2021


Hi learners,

We know for many of you this is a stressful time with deadlines and the end of term approaching. But don't forget to take care of your wellbeing! Stretch, take breaks and time off-screen, listen to music, enjoy time with loved ones and rest. Plus, don’t forget your summer break is just around the corner! 






June 2021

Hi friend,

Can you believe it is already Summer?
And how nice has the weather been lately?
We always get so excited when it is time to enjoy the sunny days in London, a long walk at the park or a lovely view on a terrace.

 This month, we want to start by sharing with you the exciting news that DGHE achieved again this year the Matrix Standard. Congratulations to our staff and management for achieving this once again! The Matrix Standard is the Department for Education’s (DfE) standard for ensuring the delivery of high-quality Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG). It is an independent assessment and international quality standard for organisations like DGHE that demonstrates that we offer high-quality IAG services. Read more...



May 2021

Hi friend,

Welcome to May's 2021 issue. In this feature, we are welcoming our new students starting this May and also a new member of staff. Additionally, we are sharing some fantastic tips with students about discounts they can activate from various places. Last not least, our wellbeing advisor shared some important daily actions we can incorporate into our lives to be happier and kinder. Let's make this a Meaningful May together. Read more...






April 2021

Hi Friend,

Welcome to April's 2021 Issue, right on time for Easter Holidays????!

We would like to thank both staff and students for their efforts to date, particularly during this most recent lockdown. Now, as we enter the second stage of the Government roadmap, we have been given a little more freedom and a chance to literally step outside and take a deep breath. We will of course still need to observe social distancing and maintain responsibility for the health and wellbeing of ourselves and others. Read more...





March 2021

Hi Friends,

Welcome to Spring 2021! Aren't you excited for the first sunny days of the spring? As you already know, the latest government announcements on February 22nd outlined the Government’s Roadmap for reopening England in its 4 Step Plan. Although we have missed being on campus, DGHE will remain closed for now.

DGHE will NOT be returning to face-to-face teaching at the moment. The Higher Education Management Team will be holding an extraordinary meeting on March 11th to set out plans for a gradual return to the building, but we do not plan on returning until the Summer Term. Read more...



February 2021

Dear Learners,

Welcome to DGHE's February 2021 newsletter! While the DGHE campus may be closed, we have been working hard to maintain a rich learning experience for you and will be continuing to deliver DGHE programmes in this manner throughout the Spring Term. Our approach will continue to combine online educational materials and interaction with (online) classroom methods.

We will keep you informed about further guidance and our own plans to ensure the safety of both our students and staff so that we can begin returning to aspects of your education that might include group work and face-to-face engagement. Read more...




January 2021

Dear Learners,

Welcome to our first newsletter of 2021! Happy New Year to each and every one of you. Last year was difficult and as has been apparent, we still have some ways to go for 2021. Remember though that we do this together as a community. DGHE has support available for those who need it.

We are ready to welcome new and returning students over the coming weeks, with our priority being your safety and wellbeing. Read more...






Previous editions 2020

+ December 2020

Dear Learners,
We are reaching the last newsletter of 2020 and we cannot believe how this year has flown by! There were so many challenges we had to face and quickly adapt to the 'new normal' way of living. We are all due for a well deserved seasonal holiday break when we can be united with our family and friends. In case you are planning to travel abroad, please scroll down to verify the government guidelines. Read more



+ November 2020

Dear Learners,
You have probably already heard about the Prime Minister's announcement. Here at DGHE, we want you to feel safe and well during these challenging times!
The government has announced a pre-Christmas lockdown in England starting on Thursday 5 November. The aim is to bring COVID-19 case numbers down using a month of increased restrictions, allowing people to travel more safely for the Christmas break. Read more


+ September/October 2020

Welcome back!
Over the past weeks, we have welcomed new and returning students, with our priority being your safety and wellbeing. Here at DGHE, we support each other during these uncertain times, doing everything possible to limit the impact of Covid-19 while at the same time remaining fully committed to your education.
We have taken a blended learning approach, delivering programmes that combine online education with interactive classroom methods. We will keep you updated on our plans over the coming months, as this is an ever-evolving situation. Read more



+ June/July 2020

Welcome to our June newsletter!
Since lockdown began on the 23 of March, our world is living through scary, uncertain times, with every aspect of normal life upended, however, the internet is providing the coping mechanism of comedy to see us through. Clearly, the global coronavirus pandemic is a serious subject, but keeping spirits up while the planet is in lockdown is also more important than ever. I am sure you can relate to the Zoom picture on the side. Read More


+ February/April 2020

Welcome to our April newsletter aimed to help, inspire and bring a little joy, with useful resources, college news and articles from our staff and beyond.
As the whole world hunkers down to “flatten the curve”, our students are now learning remotely for the first time. Our college building is still closed but #LearningNeverStops. We would like to express our gratitude to our remarkable teaching team that in such challenging times, have rapidly transitioned the delivery to online. Read more

+ December 2019/January 2020

Happy New Year from all of us. We hope you all enjoyed your long break.
We would like to give a warm welcome back to our Art & Design and Top-up students who already started their semester. It's so nice to have you back.
For those enrolled in the Business, Health and Public Services programmes, classes will resume week commencing on the 27th January. In case you haven't received your timetable, please contact our academic officer Monika at m.czaplicka@dghe.ac.uk.



Previous editions 2019

+ October/November 2019

November 2019 Newsletter

Skies are grey, but hearts are mellow during this time of year.

Within the November newsletter edition, you will find lots of important information on what has been taking place at the College since last month. You will also find updates on upcoming events that are happening in London, well-being tips, surveys, and valuable information about volunteering work.    Read more









+ August/September 2019

September 2019 Newsletter

A warm welcome to all new DGHE students. We are delighted that you choose us as your ‘first choice’ for high-quality education. Also, a warm welcome back to all our returning learners. We hope you enjoyed your summer holidays and you are now fully recovered to start your new term.
During this summer break whilst you were enjoying your deserved break, the campus has undergone various changes. New staff members joining the DGHE family, new library facilities, new events, and much more. Read more






+ June/July 2019

June 2019 Newsletter

Why is England the wettest country?
Because the Queen has reigned there for years! Thought this joke was suitable for this ‘wet’ June, by the way, welcome to the newsletter.
In this edition, we have news on DGHE upcoming events, well-being support, tips on useful apps for students and so much more. Read more
















Last updated: 06/09/21