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School of Business & Management

We seek to educate people, create leaders and empower voices that will transform the world of business.

The world cannot survive without business and management. From the banking industry, to retail and commerce, to hospitality, to public organizations or non-governmental entities, the reality is business skills are increasingly important in order to be successful.

At DGHE we strive to give you the necessary skills, knowledge and competence to be a successful businessperson.

Our courses are carefully tailored to address relevant topics that you will use in your professional career. Our lecturers are highly qualified with the relevant professional background that enhances the delivery of the course and gives it a practical approach. We want to make you employable and therefore devote our time to create and enhance skills that you will need in the future.

You will learn strategy, marketing, human resources, finance and many other fields of interest that any successful person will need to grasp in order to thrive in today’s tough competitive business environment.

Our HND and Top-up courses are suitable for people that wish to pursue a further education but cannot commit to high university fees, mature students that have a professional experience and are looking to advance in their careers or entrepreneurs that either have started or wish to start their own business and want to grasp the fundamentals of running a successful enterprise.

If you want to be successful in life we look forward to welcoming you at DGHE!