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Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND Healthcare Practice for England

Course Structure

The purpose of Pearson BTEC Higher Nationals in Healthcare Practice for England is to develop students as professional, self-reflecting individuals able to meet the demands of employers in the healthcare sector and adapt to a constantly changing world. The qualifications aim to widen access to higher education and enhance the career prospects of those who undertake them. A key progression path for HND learners is to the third year of a honours degree programme, depending on the match of the Pearson BTEC Higher National units to the degree programme in question.


Pearson BTEC Level 4 Higher National Certificate in Integrated Health and Social Care




Law, Policy and Ethical Practice in Health and Social Care 


Demonstrating Professional Principles and Values in Health and Social Care Practice



Supporting the Individual Journey through Integrated Health and Social Care



Fundamentals of Evidence-based Practice (Pearson-set Project) 



Effective Reporting and Record-keeping in Health and Social Care Services



Supporting Individuals with Specific Needs



Addressing Health Inequalities (15 credits) OR Unit 5 Health Education in Action





Work Placement:  Minimum 225 hours in any health and/or social care setting providing direct care to service users.





Total credits





Pearson BTEC Level 5 Higher National Diploma in Integrated Health and Social Care




Innovation and Improvement through Action Research (Pearson-set Project) 


Reflective Approaches in Implementing Person-centred Practice



Care Planning Processes in Healthcare Practice



Supporting Individuals through Significant Life Events



Supporting Team and Partnership Working Across Health and Social Care Services



Managing Quality in Care Environments



Health Psychology





Work Placement:  Minimum 225 hours in any health and/or social care setting providing direct care to service users





Total credits




+ Course Aims

The objectives of the Pearson BTEC Higher Nationals in Healthcare Practice for England are as follows:

 ● To equip students with the Healthcare Practice skills, knowledge and the understanding necessary to achieve high performance in the global health and social care environment

● To provide education and training for a range of careers in healthcare, including healthcare assistant practitioner roles in a range of settings, nursing assistant/auxiliary roles, care navigation, planning and assessment roles as well as roles in public health, health promotion and non-clinical healthcare supervisory or lower management

● To provide insight and understanding into the diversity of roles within the healthcare sector, recognising the importance of collaboration at all levels

● To equip students with knowledge and understanding of culturally diverse organisations, cross-cultural issues, diversity and values

● To provide opportunities for students to enter or progress in employment in healthcare, or progress to higher education qualifications such as an Honours degree in Nursing, Public Health, Healthcare Administration or a related area

● To provide opportunities for students to develop the skills, techniques and personal attributes essential for successful working lives

● To support students to understand the local, regional and global context of healthcare practice, management and health promotion and, for those students with a global outlook, to aspire to international career pathways

● To provide students with opportunities to address contemporary health and care issues facing the sector, and society at large, with particular emphasis on integrated and compassionate care, and person-centred approaches to providing healthcare to individuals across their lifespan

● To provide opportunities for students to achieve a nationally-recognised a professional qualification within their chosen area of specialisation

● To offer students the chance of career progression in their chosen field, with particular emphasis on achieving management-level positions, professional recognition and beyond

● To allow flexibility of study and to meet local or specialist needs

● To offer a balance between employability skills and the knowledge essential for students with entrepreneurial, employment or academic aspirations

● To provide students with opportunities to engage in an industry-recognised apprenticeship scheme that aligns with their employer’s needs and their own career aspirations

● To provide students with the context in which to consider professional ethics and their relation to personal, professional and statutory responsibilities within the industry.

+ Entry Requirements

UK and EU students:

  • A level standard or overseas equivalent
  • Other UK level 3 qualifications in Health and Social Care or related vocational area (e.g. Foundation Diploma, Access to HE Certificate, a BTEC Diploma/National, Advanced GNVQ or AVCE)
  • Overseas Qualifications equivalent to Level 3 (e.g. Diploma de Baccalaureate, Brandos Atestas, Ensino Medio,etc )
  • Applicants should provide evidence that they are working in a Healthcare setting (whether paid or voluntarily), at the time of their application.

* In exceptional circumstances, mature entry applicants (21+) without the standard academic background, but with relevant and substantial work experience (min 2 years), may be considered for entry. They will be interviewed by the Head of Admissions, undergo functional skills testing and will be required to submit two detailed references in support of their suitability for the programme. Such applicants must be able to demonstrate their readiness for a return to study and ability to cope with the rigours of the programme. Admissions decisions will be made on a case by case basis.

English Language Requirements:

Applicants for undergraduate programmes whose first language is not English will be required to demonstrate their ability to understand and express themselves in both written and spoken English sufficient for them to derive full benefit from and succeed in passing their chosen programme. The level required for entry onto the HND is typically an overall score of IELTS 5.5 or above.


Note: DGHE will not be recruiting international students under the Tier 4 student visa system during the 2018/19 and 2019/20 academic years.

Restrictions on learner entry

The BTEC Higher National qualifications are accredited on the RQF for learners aged 18 years and over.

+ Admissions Process

The College will ensure that entry requirements are applied in accordance with institutional policy and that the admissions process will take the following format.

Step 1: Apply

Step 2: Upload Documents

All applicants must upload the following documents on the portal:

  • Examination transcripts (English translation where necessary), or notarised copies and English Language examination transcripts (where applicable)
  • Your CV
  • A copy of your passport 
  • Proof of Address (e.g Bank Statement, household utility bill, current UK driving licence)
  • A 300-500 word personal statement outlining the reasons for applying to your chosen programme, how you feel you will benefit from the programme of study, what contributions you will make to the College and how this will help your future career aspirations
  • Photo (Passport style picture)
  • Employment reference letter (if applicable)

Note: If you are not able to submit the documents online you can bring them into the college and a staff member can do it on your behalf. If requested, applicants must provide two references in support of their suitability for the programme.

Step 3: Arrange an Interview

  • Applicants will be subject to a personal interview where possible either by a member of the admissions team or approved agency (where this is not possible acceptance will be based on the information contained in the application form and any supporting documents)
  • Arrange an appointment to visit DGHE to present certain original documents and attend an interview. You can do this via email or via telephone 02032200347
  • Applications can also be submitted in person at our DGHE campus
    Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm.

Note: All applicants must present original examination transcripts on the interview day.

Step 4: Internal English Test

Applicants whose first language is not English, with no formal or recognised qualification, will be required to take the DGHE English Entry test to determine whether their level of English is appropriate for the course applied. The level required for entry onto the HND is typically an IELTS 5.5 or above.

Step 5: Accepting your Offer

Selection will be in the light of previous qualifications, past experience, and future aspirations.

 Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application after completing steps 1, 2,3 and 4, on the assessment day.

If the application is successful, the applicant will be sent a formal ‘Unconditional Offer’ letter via email. Once the applicant accepts the offer, they are entering into a legal contractual agreement with the College.

conditional offer’ can be issued to an applicant with one or more outstanding conditions to be met. These can include for example, passing an English language test or providing an original copy of evidence referred to in their application form. After such conditions are met, the College will issue the Unconditional Offer letter.  

Note: Closer to the start of the course, the Admissions Team will send information regarding the induction day and timetable.

+ Course Specifications

Campus Name: David Game College

Course Duration: Two years, full time

Course Delivery: Two days per week 

Course Fees: £6000 (Student Loans available)

Course Start Date: 11th May 2020

Awarding Body: Pearson

Application Deadline: 8th May 2020

Students on this course may be fully funded by the Student Loan Company. This facility is only available to UK and other European Union students. For more information, please contact the admissions team at or T: 0203 220 0347


+ Assessment

To gain the qualification each module must be successfully completed. Assessment is by a combination of coursework, assignments, projects or an examination.

Most units on the BTEC Higher National Diploma (HND) level courses are worth 15 UK credits.  Students will be expected to commit at least 150 notional hours towards completing the learning outcomes per unit.  This usually consists of a combination of around 60% direct teaching time and around 40% independent study time (e.g. preparations for research and assessments, background reading, etc.).

Note: The HND is awarded on completion of a minimum of 240 credits 


+ Recognition

The Level 4 Higher National Certificate provides a solid grounding in healthcare practice, which students can build on should they decide to continue their studies beyond the Certificate stage. The Level 5 Higher National Diploma allows students to further specialise by committing to specific career paths and progression routes to degree-level study.

On successful completion of the Level 5 Higher National Diploma, students can develop their careers in the healthcare sector through:

● Entering employment

● Continuing existing employment

● Linking with the appropriate Professional Body

● Committing to Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

● Progressing to university.

The Level 5 Higher National Diploma is recognised by Higher Education providers as meeting admission requirements to much relevant health and social care-related courses, for example:

● BSc (Hons) in Management Studies (Health and Social Care)

● BA/BSc (Hons) in Health and Social Care

● BA/BSc (Hons) in Health Studies

● BSc (Hons) in Adult Nursing

● BSc (Hons) in Public Health

● BSc (Hons) in Health Promotion.

Details of entry requirements for BTEC Higher National graduates into degree programmes at institutions in the UK and internationally can be found on the Pearson Degree Course Finder website. Students should always check the entry requirements for degree programmes at specific Higher Education providers.

After completing a Pearson BTEC Level 4 Higher National Certificate or Level 5 Higher National Diploma, students can also progress directly into employment.

+ Career Progression

HND Programme

Job Roles

Integrated Health and Social Care

Senior care assistant, senior support worker in a range
of health and care settings, pathway tracker, integrated
support worker, care navigator or co-ordinator



The HNC consists of the first year of the HND (i.e. 120 credits at Level 4 Higher National Certificate). Please enquire today if you want to study for the HNC programme; the start dates are as per the HND.


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