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Quality Assurance

Strategic corporate and academic governance at the DGHE Centre is driven by the Senior Management Team and exercised through leadership by the Director of Higher Education (DoHE). Responsibility for quality assurance at the College lies with the DoHE. A quality assurance system and operational committee structure supports the overarching values required by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) and the UK Quality Code for Higher Education. Operational management of course delivery and assessment and general oversight of the students’ learning experience is the responsibility of Programme Leaders. All activities within the ‘quality cycle’ are coordinated by the Head of Academic Administration, who manages a detailed Academic Calendar to ensure consistency and continuity.

The Centre’s Quality Assurance & Enhancement Handbook and comprehensive supporting policy documents demonstrate how the Centre fulfils its responsibilities toward academic governance with particular reference to the management of academic standards and quality enhancement. The College will be happy to provide applicants with further details on request.

Higher Education Review (Alternative Providers) Report

David Game College has undergone a review for educational oversight by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA). The full report and annual monitoring updates are available here. In addition click here for latest Action Plan.


Office for Students (OfS)

The Office for Students' primary aim is to ensure that English higher education is delivering positive outcomes for students – past, present, and future.

It will seek to ensure that students, from all backgrounds (particularly the most disadvantaged), can access, succeed in, and progress from higher education.

More information may be found at: https://www.officeforstudents.org.uk/

In order to satisfy the requirements of the new OfS regulatory framework, David Game College will be applying to be listed on the ‘Register’ during the 2018/19 academic year.

As part of this submission and to aid students with their decision making, the College will be posting here the following documents:

  • Student Protection Plan
  • Self-Assessment on Guidance on Consumer Law

These documents will become available once the College has received OfS approval.