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HNC Public Services & Criminology 2018

‘Dark Crime figures’

Lynn Wilkinson MA BA (Hons) PgCet

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The government has announced pay rises for police and prison officers. Take advantage of the 2 years HND course in Public Services at David Game Higher Education and start your career sooner. Students Loans available.


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We are pleased to announce that our next Open Day will be held at our new City Campus in Aldgate, on 24th August.

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The HND in Public Services, besides uniformed roles in the public and emergency services (police, fire, ambulance, army, etc.) also encompasses non-uniformed roles. From the Office for National Statistics (ONS) data we know that more than five million individuals are working in public sector jobs – so clearly there are many opportunities for employment in this area. This could involve working out in the community or in an office based environment, working with the general public or behind the scenes. The majority of roles will be working for statutory organisations. Some examples are as follows:



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We are pleased to announce that our next Open Day will be held at our new City Campus in Aldgate, on 13th July.



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The new HND Public Services is the place to start.....

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Commencing September 2017 - Watch this space!

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We are pleased to announce that our next Open Day will be held at our new city Campus in Aldgate, on 12th April.


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Our new home is 31 Jewry Street, London EC3N 2ET

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Relocation of DGHE to Jewry Street EC3

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Business courses place a lot of emphasis on the importance of good leadership. At DGHE this is no different. Whilst we also emphasise the importance of creating efficiencies and boosting the bottom-line, good leadership is one of the most crucial things for success in business. 

Read on to find out our top 8 tips on becoming a better leader. 


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The move to new premises in Jewry St EC3 – IMPORTANT UPDATE ON DATES

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Business is all about getting people to do things. You will learn a lot in your Business classes about negotiation. However, although you may get the theory right in your exams, the real test is when you put it into practice.

Read on to see our compilation of things to remember in order to be a persuasive and effective leader. 


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Key dates for the move of DGHE to EC3.....

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Jo Johnson Confirms that EU Students starting in 2017/2018 will still have access to student funding support

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DGHE will be relocating to new premises in Aldgate (EC3) during the early part of 2017.

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“Prudence is not hesitation, procrastination, or moderation. It is not driving in the middle of the road.

It is not the way of ambivalence, indecision, or safety.” John Ortberg- American Christian, preacher,author and speaker.

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In California, mid 2015, there was an unparalleled outbreak that damaged the reputation of the happiest place on earth: Disney.

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David Game College - 2016 and beyond

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HND Business Management students (2013 intake) graduate!

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If you are studying BTECs rather than A-levels you can still apply for university.  BTEC HND students have a lot to offer universities and the work-place environment. Every year, students progress to 70% of uni degree programmes. Moreover, 95% of universities and colleges in the UK accept BTEC students including Russell Group universities.

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Do you agree with this teenager’s views on social media?  

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In your Business and Management course you will need to know how to write up a business plan in order to develop your case for your start-up. Here is our first installment cheat-sheet of what to write in it!