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Making Career Decisions

Jun 5, 2020 | Students Career Progression


Dear Students,

Welcome to the DGHE Careers Blog!  Often students talk to me about not knowing which career path to take, so today I wanted to address the thorny issue of being stuck…

If you are ‘stuck’ you could feel like a rabbit caught in the car headlights not knowing which path to take after your HND/degree studies.  Career decisions can be tricky, so my first advice is to relax and take stock of your situation.  Ask yourself:

1. Do I want to continue studying for a further qualification? 

For example, health and social care students wanting to enter nursing could undertake a nursing degree apprenticeship or a nursing degree.  You may be able to get accreditation of prior learning (APL) if you have a degree in another health-related subject or other practice-based learning. Evidence of this learning may count towards the programme requirements of some of the approved degrees and postgraduate diplomas, allowing for the course to be accelerated. You should contact the relevant institution directly for more information. So be aware that often your degree is the springboard to take other qualifications as most careers will require further qualifications and/or training.

2. Can I afford to keep studying? 

Apprenticeships allow you to work and learn at the same time.  If this is not possible, could you take out a Career Development Loan (but be aware that your repayments may start immediately after your new qualification has finished regardless of whether or not you have managed to secure a job, so look at the conditions carefully).  Some organisations will employ you and sponsor you to continue studying.

3. If I opt to go straight into the workforce after my degree which career should I choose?

The career decisions one makes are usually based on opportunity awareness and self-awareness.  Do you know the opportunities which are out there?   How can you research them?  I recommend starting with www.prospects.ac.uk this is a website where each page of career information is written by highly experienced careers advisers.  You could start by looking at:


This tool will ask you a series of questions which are aimed at uncovering your skills and qualities, likes and dislikes and tap into what it is you would enjoy doing, essentially helping you to be more self-aware.  From this you can generate a report with some career ideas for you to research further.  Once you have done this why not print off the report and book an interview slot to discuss the results with me.

I also suggest looking at the following:



Every one of you will have individual commitments and circumstances to consider before making your decisions and I am happy to talk your plans through with you so please contact me on angela.kinloch@dghe.ac.uk

Very best wishes, Angela Kinloch, Careers & Employability Consultant, DGHE