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What is a HND Qualification?

Jan 16, 2021 | General

What is a Higher National Diploma or HND?

Do you want to apply for an “HND” course, or may have heard about the Higher National Diploma, but don’t know what is it?

Higher education institutions like colleges and universities in the United Kingdom offer a variety of courses to their students. These courses could be of different levels and vary from basic to advance levels like HNC, HND, Bachelor, Master’s Degree, and so on.

A Higher National Diploma (HND) is a career-focused qualification recognised by a range of organisations around the world, including employers, professional bodies, higher education institutions, and governments. This qualification is internationally-recognised and highly valued by employers.

 The main focus of this diploma course is to develop hands-on experience and practical skillsthat allow people to make progress in their lives through learning. Hence this qualification is much sought after by employers.

The HND is equivalent to the second year of a university course and it could lead to direct entry into the workplace after graduation. It typically takes two years to complete a full-time HND course. There are plenty of progression opportunities depending upon your choice of programme. You can Top-Up an HND qualification to a degree course in just one year, or you may decide to start work right after finishing your HND qualification.

Entry requirements for HND courses

To gain entry into the HND course, you will need some previous qualifications such as one A-level, or an equivalent UK Level 3, or an overseas qualification.  It is always recommended to check with the college or the university where you are applying to clarify their entry requirements.

You can check at DGHE to find the requirements for the courses it offers.

What can you do with the HND qualification?

It entirely depends on students what they want to do with their HND qualification. As students gain practical skills during their HND and have the choice to join a workplace, many of them would like to Top-Up their qualifications to a full Bachelor’s Degree.  HND qualification will strengthen the hands-on skills needed for a particular job and this is why the qualification is highly valued by employers.

So you can do the following things after your HND:

  • Join workplace
  • Top-Up to a Bachelor’s Degree

Why choose DGHE in London for HND Qualification?

There are many reasons for a student to choose DGHE and we take pride in teaching students from all over the world. Our prime location in the heart of the city of London makes DGHE an ideal place to study. 

Consider the following 10 reasons why David Game Higher Education could be your best choice for an HND qualification.

  • Our excellent reputation as a top academic institution with over 45 years of experience.
  • Highly qualified and professional teaching staff with relevant industry experience.
  • The supportive atmosphere, small classroom environment, and vocational outlook nurture students into desirable assets with both holistic wellbeing and professional skills.
  • Our accessible location within the downtown business district of London.
  • The diverse and inclusive environment and a friendly culture that supports our students professionally and personally.
  • Our supportive staff will encourage your academic success through active listening, inspirational, and practical experience-based teaching and compassion.
  • Frequent events on campus, in the local community, and online to enhance the coed experience.
  • Career-oriented opportunities including career fairs, personalised career support centre, and keynote speakers.
  • A Corporate Social Responsibility centered college that embraces different initiatives supporting diverse communities, the environment, and the arts.
  • Our state-of-the-art building is well equipped with all the necessary technology to facilitate lessons and adorned with a large collection of paintings by contemporary and well-regarded artists, including Edward Stone and Keith Grant.

Which HND level 5 qualifications are offered by DGHE?

The Higher National Diploma level 5 qualifications awarded by Pearson are designed to provide our students with specialist vocational programmes, which are each linked to a professional body and national occupation standard requirements where appropriate. Our HND courses emphasise practical skills development alongside the development of required foundational knowledge and theoretical understanding related to the relevant sector.

DGHE offers the following HND courses:

To find more information about our HND courses please contact us or Apply today!