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Work and Volunteering Opportunities Whilst we are Living with the Threat of the CORONAVIRUS

Apr 8, 2020 | General| Students Career Progression


Dear students,

Welcome to the fourth edition of the DGHE Careers Blog!  

You don’t need me to tell you that we are all living in very strange times.  Some of you may have lost your part-time jobs and so it may be vital for you to consider other opportunities which allow you to stay safe and still receive some income whilst studying online.   Here are a few places you might look:

  • Follow the Job Centre Plus twitter posts regarding latest jobs
  • Look at local large employers/supermarkets who tweet their jobs
  • Look at the NHS and care related tweets and LinkedIn posts
  • Regarding NHS Volunteer Responder Opportunities, here is their latest post as at 7/4/20:

“We have now paused recruitment and kindly ask anyone who is still interested in volunteering to wait a few weeks for the application process to reopen.
Please keep an eye on @GoodSamApp and @RoyalVolService for updates.”

You may be able to devote some time to volunteering.  Do bear in mind that including volunteering as well as paid opportunities on your CV is very important as it will indicate to employers that you are community spirited, a good team player, etc.

Here are some useful volunteering sites:   

Or you could create your own volunteering opportunity:

For example, if you’re interested in helping others and there is a need in your community, could you set up a support group?  See:  https://www.selfhelp.org.uk/  and for advice on how to set up a volunteer scheme: https://knowhow.ncvo.org.uk/  

I can still help you with your CV, job applications any other careers-related matter, just contact me at a.kinloch@dghe.ac.uk   

Very best wishes to you all,

Angela Kinloch, Careers & Employability Consultant, DGHE