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10 Top Tips on for Phone and Video Interviews

Apr 1, 2020 | General| Students Career Progression

Dear students,

Welcome to the third DGHE Careers Blog!  You can still access the previous blogs on CV Writing and Cover Letter Writing.

Video or telephone interviews are often part of the recruitment process.  Now whilst the Virus is plaguing all our lives’ they will become central to the process and so you need to be prepared:


Treat a telephone or video interview in exactly the same way as a face-to-face interview – be prepared…


Dress professionally. This means wearing clothes which are clean and smart.  Even if the employer cannot see you during a phone interview wearing the correct clothes will give you more confidence and so help your interview performance. 
Make sure you are somewhere quiet where you can concentrate.


Test the link before a video interview is about to begin and adjust the audio if necessary.


Do exactly the same research and preparation as you would normally.  This means finding out as much as you can about the organisation and the role.  Start with the Job Description and Person Specification if they have been supplied.  Look at the company website.  Who are their competitors?  Who are their customers?  What is their Mission Statement?  Do they publish their company values? Look at their News Section.  Follow the organisation on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Think about the type of questions the employer could ask you.  These questions are likely to be geared around the Job Description and Person Specification so look at these documents closely.  If the JD asks for a candidate with good team working skills, think about when you have demonstrated these skills and be ready to describe a scenario to the employer.  If a Job Description and Person Specification has not been supplied, study the advert closely to gauge the type of questions you are likely to be asked.


You could use the STAR method of answering questions:
  • S = situation – what is the context
  • T = task – what were you trying to achieve
  • A = action – what action did you take
  • R = result – what was the result


If you are talking over the phone and not on video you will need to talk very clearly and pause frequently for the other person to speak.  


For phone interviews you might want to have notes in front of you.  Write them clearly so that you can easily refer to them.
Whether on the phone or on video it is perfectly permissible to have a brief note of the questions you would like to ask an employer.  These could include, “How do you see the organisation developing over the next year?”  “What would you like me to achieve in my first month in the role?” “Please describe a typical day for the successful candidate?
For more really useful information look at:   https://www.prospects.ac.uk/careers-advice/interview-tips/telephone-interviews
Remember, I am happy to help you practise over the telephone or via Zoom so do contact me on a.kinloch@dghe.ac.uk 


Best wishes,
Angela Kinloch,  Careers & Employability Consultant