Entry into University with your BTEC

Mar 13, 2015 | General

If you are studying BTECs rather than A-levels you can still apply for university.  BTEC HND students have a lot to offer universities and the work-place environment. Every year, students progress to 70% of uni degree programmes. Moreover, 95% of universities and colleges in the UK accept BTEC students including Russell Group universities.

There are two main pathways by which BTECs can provide progression on to university degrees:


  • BTEC level 3, which is the equivalent of studying A-levels and provides access on to a degree programme in the first year.
  • BTEC level 4 HNC and level 5 HND which often provides access to degree programmes in the second or final year of the course.

So, what are the pros of studying a BTEC and how can you make it work for you to progress onto university?

 - BTECs offer a breadth of real-life work experience and practical coursework which will help you to stand out from your A-level competitors.

- Universities look for more than the academics, they also look for well-rounded individuals so, any work placements or other practical experiences that you have should be on your personal statement.

 - Your BTEC has a more independent approach to study that is more akin to that of degree courses than A-levels. For example, with BTECs you must manage your work-load, carry out research for your coursework and do more class presentations.

- Remember, that you can apply to different subjects at uni to the ones that you are studying for BTEC. For example if you are currently studying Applied Science you can study a whole range of options such as Biochemistry to Zoology at university. 

Always remember to get in touch with the universities that you wish to apply for in order to find out their full entre requirements. It is a good idea to speak with admissions tutors and to go to open days so that the staff are aware of your profile and can see your enthusiasm for the course!

If you would like more information and guidance about what you can do with your BTEC, send an email to: info@dghe.uk.com